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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)


Our Ear, Nose and Throat (or ENT) department looks after you if you have one of a number of conditions affecting your head and neck.

We provide:

Comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services ranging from the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the ear, nose and throat to complex management of head and neck carcinomas requiring extensive surgery and airway management.

Conditions we care for:

Head and Neck Cancer

We provide a first class service for you if you have head and neck cancer, including providing endocrine surgery. Our consultant surgeons work closely with our wider team to discuss your diagnosis and agree the best way to treat you.

Head and neck diseases

We care for you if you have one of various head and neck conditions involving:

·         Your nose

·         The space in your mouth behind your gums and teeth (known as the oral cavity)

·         The space behind your nose and mouth (known as the pharynx or throat)

·         Your voice box (known as the larynx).

We also treat:

·         Thyroid disease

·         Salivary gland disease

·         Skin cancers involving the ears, nose and lips

Our team works closely with our colleagues in oncology and speech and language therapy, as well as with maxillo-facial surgeons to provide you with high quality care.

Nose and sinus diseases 

We offer both medical and surgical treatments for diseases affecting the nasal cavity and external nose, such as:

·         Congenital and acquired nasal deformity

·         Chronic and acute rhinosinusitis

·         Nasal allergy

·         Nasal Polyps and other growths


Ear diseases 

We perform advanced middle ear surgical procedures. We look after variety of ear conditions such as:

·         Ear infections (recurrent otitis externa)

·         Difficult ear wax removals

·         Eardrum repair (Myringoplasty)

·         Mastoidectomy

ENT services for children

For children, we can provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for conditions such as

·         Glue ear

·         Recurrent tonsillitis

·         ENT infections

·         Investigation of hearing loss

·         Mouth breathing due to adenoids

Our ENT services include:

  • ·           Acoustic neuroma
  • ·         Adenoids and adenoidectomy
  • ·         Bell’s palsy
  • ·         Catarrh (Coryza and Common Cold)
  • ·         Cavernous sinus thrombosis
  • ·         Craniosynostosis
  • ·         Ear infection
  • ·         Glue ear
  • ·         Hay fever
  • ·         Hearing and vision tests for children 
  • ·         Hearing impairment treatment
  • ·         Labyrinthitis
  • ·         Laryngitis
  • ·         Meniere’s disease
  • ·         Mastoiditis
  • ·         Nosebleed
  • ·         Otitis externa
  • ·         otitis media
  • ·         Perforated eardrum
  • ·         Polyps nose
  • ·         Quinsy 
  • ·         Sinusitis
  • ·         Sleep apnoea
  • ·         Snoring
  • ·         Tinnitus
  • ·         Tonsillitis
  • ·         Vertigo

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