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Stress and anxiety is one of the costs we have to pay for the advancement of civilization. At time, it is difficult for a person to control his anxiety, stress, and panic attacks by himself. Suffering from stress and its consequences interferes with normal, relaxed, peaceful life everyone wants to have. Assessment, evaluation and management of psychiatric disorders are our main goal to enhance the quality of life, reduce stress and provide mind with peace, harmony and healing. 

Shaafi Psychiatry Clinic deals with:

  • Different disorders among adults(anxiety, depression, panic, phobia and psychotic disorders)
  • Psychological problems among elderly people.
  • Psychological and behavioral problems among children
  • Psychological problems among people with epilepsy or Learning disabilities.
  • Family counseling to deal with domestic problems including those among adolescents.

Evaluation and treatment of psychological problems among patients in collaboration with other departments in the hospital.

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